Eat: Guilt Free 3 Ingredient Pancakes

Hi everyone! I hope your day has been going well! So these past few weeks I have been craving pancakes however I wanted to find a recipe that was healthy and didn’t take that much time to make. As much as I love traditional pancakes, once uni starts again, I won’t have time to make them in between studying for organic chemistry and genetics. So after a few trials and errors I came across these pancakes and I’m obsessed. One thing I recommend doing is adding some dark chocolate chips into the batter and a dash of vanilla so it doesn’t taste plain. **This recipe was inspired by Karli Kloss’ 3 ingredient pancake video** I hope you enjoy! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, follow my Instagram, and comment below!
What you need:
– One Banana
– One Egg
– A Handful of Oats
– A Splash of Vanilla
– A Handful of Dark Chocolate Chips

-Mash up the banana in a small bowl

-Crack and egg and beat it into the banana mixture
-add a handful of oats and beat it into the mixture
-once you have your batter ready, on high heat place about a table spoon worth of the batter on the griddle. Or you can spoon out a cup of the batter to make 2 big pancakes.
-plate you pancakes and add on your favorite toppings! I added this Greek chocolate spread from my recent trip to Greece, however feel free to add whatever you like from fresh fruit to nuts!

Again please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram! Leave me a comment below on other post you would like to see on this blog! Happy eating!

Peace, Blessings, and XX,


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