I’ll Be There For You: A Weekend with Friends

Hi everyone I hope your day has been well! Alongside my college confidential series which gives you guys an honest personal opinion of life in Uni, I thought I would also create another personal series in which I talk about important days, anxiety updates, or anything else that floats into my mind. It’s sort of a personal journal that I can look back and reflect on!


This summer has been very relaxing. I’ve been on a couple of family family holidays to New York and the Smoky Mountains, my grandparents are visiting, I took a couple of summer school classes, and I’ve been interning at the local hospital as a Medical Assistant in preparation for Medical School or Physician’s Assistant School. While I’ve had fun the biggest thing I missed the most were my college friends. All my friends ended up staying in the city where our university is this summer due to work/school obligations and thus I felt a bit lonely being away from my best friends. This past weekend I decided to take the train up to the city so that I could spend some time with my best friends and catch up. Best decision EVER. They say that a true friendship is inseparable but I believe true friendship is that even when you are separated from your best friends and nothing changes. That was this weekend. In the past i’ve had trouble with having true friendships (it’s what triggered my anxiety in the first place) and during the summer I always felt the odd one out that was never invited to summer parties or hangouts. And yet this time, even though I was in a different city from my friends, when I traveled back up this past week it seemed as though I had never left. We picked up right where we left off.


On the first day we cooked Indian food (Khadai Panner and Wheat Naan) and took the city train to the local grocery store to go shopping. I’m so lucky to have found friends who enjoy eating/cooking as much as I do and who actually love going grocery shopping. It’s weird but for us we can spend hours in our local grocery store or Whole Foods trying new foods and buying food. It may not have been what everyone does on a Friday night but for a bunch of nutrition majors who talk about food 99.9% of the time this was the perfect Friday night (hopefully our future boyfriends don’t think we’re that lame LOL).


On Saturday we woke up semi early had a quick breakfast and ran out the door to explore the city and stop by our favourite grocery stores (yeah… I wasn’t kidding when I said grocery stores are our favourite places). It was such a fun day minus the fact that the temperature was in the low 100s (yay for burned skin?!). We of course stopped by Whole Foods and ate our weight in cheese and bread (so much for that summer bod diet). They were also giving out samples of this amazing pea protein based veggie burger called: The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat .BEST VEGGIE/VEGAN BURGER EVER! Seriously go try it. If your like me and used to eat meat but is now mostly plant based yet occasionally dreams about meat but not wanting to kill animals for food, this burger is perfect. It actually mimics the texture of a meat burger perfectly but doesn’t over play the sauces/spices to make it taste like it. The only down side is it is around $6 USD for 2 patties. We then caught the bus back to the apartment and went to our university’s cafeteria to get all the ingredients we needed to make homemade stir fry and breakfast for the next morning. The amount of stuff we took in our to-go boxes plus our bags was probably breaking a few rules… but hey we got our money’s worth and plus we’re broke college students! We made the stir fry and left to catch the bus to go see a musical in the park. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would! The musical took longer than expected BUT it was fun to be there with friends (we met up with a couple of our other college friends) and catch up on everyone’s summer. By the time we got home it was past midnight and we crashed immediately (all that walking around the city was tiring, we walked around 20000 steps)!


Because we had quite a tiring Saturday we decided to have a relaxing Sunday. We woke up late and made brunch (recipes for the Brunch are coming soon). After brunch we relaxed, danced to music and watched YouTube videos. At night we decided to order pizza, quiz each other on how much we knew each other. , and had a midnight photo shoot. And then it was time to pack up and catch the bus Monday morning.

Sweet Potatoe Toast!

Guilt Free Muffins!


This weekend was one of my favourite weekends. I thank my lucky stars that I met these wonderful friends of mine in college who love food just as much as I do, and go crazy in Whole Foods with me. That’s the. Eat part of going to college, you get to choose the people you want to surround yourself with. In high school often time friendships revolved around trivial things but people stop caring about that stuff in college. If any of you are afraid about making friends in college especially if your moving far away from your old high school buddies – don’t be. You will make friendships that will last a lifetime in college. Join clubs and get involved because that where your going to meet your future bridesmaids!




That’s it for now! Peace and blessings.




***All GIFs were from Gify.com and are not my own***

Food Pictures are mine


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