College Confidential: School

Hi everyone! I hope your day has been well 🙂 Seeing as it’s been quite some time since I last wrote a post, I decided to sit down and write another addition to my college confidential series!



By far, the most intimidating part of college. at least in my opinion, is difficulty of college level course work. Even if you went to an academically competitive high school (like my self) college level course work still takes time to get used to. The biggest shock coming into college (for me) was that your classes didn’t meet each day (my high school did not operate on block schedules) and that there tended to be huge gaps in the day where you didn’t have class. For example, during my spring semester I only had one class on Tuesdays from 1-3, which technically meant I had the entire day free. However having huge time spaces in your schedule can be both a blessing and a curse. The whole point of having gaps in your schedule is so you can fill up those times with extra curricular activities, studying, or work. Now during my freshman year, all my orgs usually met in the late afternoon, thus I spent my time gaps in between classes studying and reading my notes from my previous class. I had two reasons for doing this, firstly I hate studying at night and I tend to sleep really early (like around 9:30 because I’m such a grandma LOL) and secondly it left my weekends free to hangout with friends.

College classes differ from high school classes in that most classes are flipped. This means that the professor expects you to learn the material ahead of class so that you can spend class time applying the material. I actually really enjoyed the flipped classroom setting as I felt like I gained a better understanding of the material AND it pushed me to study the material ahead of time. Another huge part of studying in college is to study effectively. In high school I was used to having the teacher outline what exactly the test would cover and which chapters/worksheets we would need to revise. However, in college that’s not the case. As a college student, your professors expect you to think at a higher level and test you even higher. They want to know if you truly understand the material being presented to you and not whether you can memorize a study guide. After all,  you’re in college to get a degree and if you’re pre-med (like me) all the stuff you learn in class will most likely show up on the MCAT (yay – _ -). Studying effectively is unique to each person, some can do really well by only studying a couple nights before, and some need to study in advance. Personally, I did a mixture of the two. Now, i’m pretty mathematically geared so I tended to study for my maths classes a couple of nights before the test. However for science course it was different to me. While I love science, I can’t grasp each concept as quickly as I can in math. Therefore I relied on repetition to help me get the grades I needed. I always reviewed my notes during the days I had Chemistry or Bio and tried my hardest to pay attention in class. In high school, I almost never paid attention in class and tended to study everything at home. However, in college 99% of the time the stuff your professor says in class is never in the book and is always on the test. So, taking notes and actively listening in class is going to be your life saver. Then, when it comes to studying a couple of nights before the test, you already know about 70-80% of the material and you just need to study the rest through quizzing your self, making note cards, etc. My last huge tip for you is to take breaks. DON’T expect to learn everything in 10 hours. Join extracurriculars to keep your self busy so when it comes to studying you force yourself to study for that allotted time. AND ABOVE ALL, DON’T STRESS. College is hard, but it’s also the best years of your life. Stressing about every aspect will make those years miserable. Stressing about your grades is inevitable, but if you only stress you won’t actually study which will lead to scores you most likely did not want.


I hope you guys enjoyed this short installment to my series. Have a wonderful, fantabulous day!!! Please let me know in the comments of other college post you guys would like to see 🙂


XX Srini


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