Skincare: My Ride or Die Products

Hey guys! Skincare is extremely important in out lives, and while I sort of neglected it whilst I was in high school, I came to appreciate the importance of skincare in University (thanks for nagging me about it when I was growing up mom!). In my opinion, I feel like in the world of skincare it is so easy to become overwhelmed with all the new lotions and other bits and bobs that promises to do certain things to your skin while smelling like a confused flower-gummy bear mixture. Skincare I find is almost always dominated by a couple of companies that have become increasingly popular through social media, however I find most of their products to have to strong of a smell and don’t generally work THAT well (IMO). While I love to experiment with new products all the time, I find that the products I listed below are things I always come back to and never have adverse effects. Note – these products don’t promise to do certain things like tighten, brighten, etc, they only promise to do the stuff it is meant to do (moisturize, clean, etc). Let me know in the comments below if you guys have any other skin care favourites!

Johnson and Johnson Baby Head to Toe Wash

Ok so while this wash is primarily used on babies, it is actually an amazing facial cleanser! The soap is extremely mild (I mean its marketed for babies so it has to be) and it effectively cleans your face. I used to battle with acne in high school and would buy every acne facial cleanser that was marketed. However, I finally listed to my mom and decided that instead of stripping my face of its natural oil, just simply clean my face with a gentle cleanser that only promises to clean. Thus, I started using baby soap because it does just that. It doesn’t promise to minimize pores or remove blackheads, all it does is clean. And truthfully, my acne cleared because I stopped putting on makeup, drank water, ate healthy, and cleaned my face. 10/10 recommend this product!

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Aveno Body Lotion

I know that there are a ton of different body lotions on the market that smell amazing, but in my opinion the Aveno body lotion is extremely moisturizing even though it doesn’t smell like macrons. In addition it leaves the skin feeling soft and not sticky. For people who have oily skin (like me) this lotion is perfect because it moisturizes the skin without leaving it overly wet and sticky like some lotions can. I love to use this lotion on my face after the baby wash as the baby was leaves my skin feeling a bit dry. This lotion may be an oldie, but it is certainly a goodie!


Olive Oil

Do you have a dry scalp? Try using olive oil on you scalp as a hair mask on your hair before you wash it. I recommend massaging the oil into your hair at night and then washing it out with you normal shampoo and conditioner in the morning. I use this treatment once a week (I have a severely dry scalp) and it always calms my scalp down and reduces flakiness. Pro-tip: after washing your hair, massage in some Moroccan oil from the base of your head down. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and voluminous!  


Olay Body Wash

Just like I mentioned before, when it comes to body washes, the market is saturated by a bunch of products that smell a certain way etc. etc. And while they do smell really nice, I feel like they don’t actually clean my body and they tend to leave it dry. I absolutely love the Olay body was because it cleans your skin and leaves it feeling soft!

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Do you guys have any favourites that you guys love? Let me know!

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