A quick detox for us busy-bees

Hi everyone! I hope you guys liked my first installment of the vegetarian travels! As winter break comes to an end, I though I would show y'all one of my favourite detox routines that's really quick and simple. As an undergrad, I rarely have the time (or money #brokecollege kid probz) to have a real [...]


Semester 3 , Undergrad Year 2

Hello everyone! I hope your day has been going well and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I am currently on holiday and I thought during my down time, I should write about my reflection of my third semester of undergrad. It's almost the end of December and my third semester at [...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – on a budget

Hi everyone! Happy December! As finals are approaching, I thought I would take a tiny break from studying Ochem (AKA death) and create a list of budget friendly gift ideas that won't break the bank and saves you time (hang in the term's almost up). I've listed some of my top git ideas that can [...]